Duel Wizard

Been getting bogged down with a lot of work lately and I decided to try something fresh that would give me rather immediate results. I went ahead and gave myself a 48-hour game-jam challenge. The task was simple: Make a working game in 48 hours. And thus…¬†Duel Wizard.

Admittedly, this isn’t quite the version I finished. I did fix a few minor bugs, add some enhancements to the UI so other would be able to play more easily and add some final touches like credits and such. but other than that, it’s a game I made in less than 48 hours and I’m quite proud of how playable it actually managed to turn out.

I hope that you will agree.


How to Play Duel Wizard

  • Buy and sell spells in the shop to use in duels
  • If you run out of gold or spells to sell in the shop its Game Over
  • During duels, drag the spell you want to use from your spell book to the window
  • If you go below 1 hp or you run out of spells you loose the fight and some gold


  • ‘Affliction’ Spells stack with previous cast ones in special ways
  • Spells that share an element type with previously cast spells may be stronger
  • Every opponent has a different set of spells they like to use. Learn them
  • Every spell has a unique sound and look. memorize this to learn what your opponent is doing

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