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Hoorah! I’ve taken the very first steps towards my life as an indie developer. As the official first post on this blog let me just say that the amount of work thus far has been enormous. Yet, even after the last year of on-and-off work (mostly on these last two months) I still haveĀ a long way to go.

My most recent achievement, aside from getting this site and blog up, is the inventory system for the current project. Admittedly, it might not seem like much to the outsider, but to anyone that has worked in the field, it is a true Black Triangle moment for me. In fact, I’ve put so much time and energy into it that I’ve decided to sell it as a standalone library for other Unity developers on the Unity Asset Store. With any luck, it might even sell enough to help me fund my project a little. Hopefully within the next week or so the submission process will approve and it will go live for sale.

Aside from the inventory system, I’ve also come up with a new control scheme that will work well for mice and touch screens, a new physics system, and an loot generator. On the less technicalĀ side I think I have unique idea for an art theme, a basic story, and some characters. Don’t worry, once I get this stuff all integrated into a playable demo I’ll be ready to reveal all of it.

Until then folks!

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